13 de des. 2018

ANNA - Desembre

Saludos amigos!

To celebrate the very first days of November, I went back to Helsinki to meet my family and friends. Few days in Northern European climate and darkness and when I returned to Mallorca I felt like the summer was back. Playas, sol, pura vida!

With red, tired eyes I woke up in the following morning after my night flight, just to notice at the bus stop that the schedules had changed for winter and there definitely was no eight o’clock morning bus to Santa Ponsa anymore. I waited for my good old 104-limousine for an hour, arrived to my escoleta late and felt a bit bad for it, but as soon as I opened the door to my class, the little ones made sure that I was awake anytime soon and busy with their joy and sorrow again.

Talking about the “winter season”. For a person from a Nordic Country the lack of approaching winter feels strange. So much light, the sun feels still warm and no signs of November blues so far. Perfect! Sometimes I check out the weather forecast in Finland just to show some empathy and to feel like part of the mental team of northerners again. (“You can do it, November is almost over!”)

At the third week of November we had our orientation week with other volunteers who are participating EVS in Baleares. A week in Palma, a bunch of new friends and lots of exercises and inspiration. For the fleeting moment when I was dancing and shaking my butt to the rhythm of “Soy una Taza” with the other volunteers, I slightly started to reconsider my life choices again, but otherwise our week was a hit. How can I return to my everyday life with eating rice and vegetables again? Who is going to prepare my coffee for me? With whom can I reflect my feelings and doubts? Give me my Monday morning energizers!

November has also reached us with the traditional why-so-early Christmas commercials. Anytime soon I’ll start to build our Christmas nest with some Christmas calendars (joulukalenterit best), cinnamon buns (korvapuustit must), ginger breads (piparkakut bae), mulled wine (glögi swag) and Awful Christmas Decoration™ (siskon pahvi-Enni lit). We don’t have an oven in our tiny apartment, but one can always make some yammy yammy Christmas pastries with a microwave and a good imagination also, right? ...RIGHT?


                                Happy trooper in one of my favourite spots in Helsinki.

Sending warm thoughts to our precious bus connections here in Calvià. Never stop believing.

         Mallorcan winter = is ok

Our EVS-team as cover girls in “Ultima Hora” during our training week in Palma.

We visited the Swedish Christmas market (Svenska kyrkan Julbasar) to get some Christmas spirit and to eat too many cinnamon rolls. Pure perfectness.

Con tazas,


29 de nov. 2018

DELIA- Novembre

Hola, ¿qué tal?

Here I am again telling you about my second mounth of EVS in Calvià. If it is possible, I feel even luckier because it is just finished the “On arrival training week” and I can try to spread you all the positive vibes it gave me.

I couldn't think that my volunteering experience would have been even more exciting then it already was: I mean, I live in an amazing place, I wake up every morning full of energy for my work at the elderly centre, I spend my free time visiting around with lovely people... what else?

¡El curso de formación a la llegada! It has really been the “spice” of this volunteering project. So many emotions I felt that it will be very hard giving them an order. First of all: can you try to think about a training? Can you picture how it would be a whole week of learning activities squeezed in 8 hours per day? Perfect, now just delete everything! Yes, because I have never learnt so many things in a such enjoyable and amusing way. Thanks to the non-formal activities I have had lots of input to think about.

It has been also a valuable experience meeting the other volunteers from the Balearic Islands, knowing better different cultures from all around Europe, making new friends and having fun with all the activities both indoor and outdoor as, for example, the unforgettable trip to Valdemossa (a village in the Sierra de Tramuntana, part of the UNESCO Heritage).

Well, now we are back to our “normal” lives and I have to confess that it is a bit hard, but I feel also that all the words said during the training, all the emotions got from the other people known there, all the feelings and the thoughts shared will be part of me for all this experience and beyond. 

Ready for the next challenge!


19 de nov. 2018

WILLIAM - Novembre


Llevo aquí solamente seis semanas, pero parece como si llevara un siglo por todo lo que ha pasado.

He trabajado mucho en Es Generador para ayudar con el proyecto de Halloween del 27 de Octubre, conociendo a tod@s l@s que han venido a preparar. Pasamos horas buscando material, cortando, pegando y pintando cajas, dibujando, moviendo cosas, colgando decoraciones: volvimos el “Gene” un pasaje del terror con tema de “freak show”: el “Circo della Morte” (Circo de la muerte en italiano). Los últimos días fueron ajetreados, con gente que iba por todos lados llevando muebles, vallas, telas, disfraces, pelucas, revisando su número u ocupándose de la disposición de todas las cosas.

Un gran trabajo que tuvo resultados. El “Circo” ha sido un gran éxito y los comentarios de todos los que vinieron fueron muy positivos. Tambièn l@s chic@s y el equipo de dinamización quedaron muy satifechos.

La noche de Halloween fui a Es Capdellà, ayudando en otro pasaje del terror (más pequeño) en un contexto diferente de lo de “Gene”; tambien fue un éxito y me lo pasé bien.

Siempre hay trabajo que hacer en el centro: el otro día hubo un evento de sensibilización sobre el tema de la leucemia con una exposición fotográfica y un breve concierto de Silvia Luna, cantante que lucha contra esa enfermedad desde hace más de dos años.

Si no tengo tareas, me pongo a hablar con l@s chic@s que pasan por aquí, así practico mi español y aprendo un montón de jerga, expresiones locales y significados escondidos de muchas palabras!

Las otras partes de mi proyecto son igualmente divertidas y me lo estoy pasando bien. Empiezo a entender y acostumbrarme a la organización y dinámicas del CUC; sigo haciendo un poco de trabajo de edición y también ¡hemos empezado “Snack & Languages”, el taller de intercambio lingüístico y cultural entre nosotr@s voluntari@s y jovenes de Calvià!

He empezado a trabajar en la escoleta de Bendinat. Por ahora estoy ayudando en las actividades con los niños mayores y en unos talleres, pero me dijeron que me pondrán pronto a arreglar el patio y el huerto, así que ¡también tendré que pintar, cortar y pegar!
Me encuentro muy a gusto con todo el equipo y disfruto de la compañía de los niños; ¡ahora tengo amigos de 2 años!

Me gusta trabajar en este proyecto porque me da la posibilidad de conocer a muchísimas personas de todo tipo y hablar con ellas sobre muchos temas diferentes. Aprendo sobre la cultura española y mallorquina y las dinámicas y la mentalidad que les pertenecen. ¡Me encantan el idioma y la comida, el paisaje y la gente, la cultura y los correfocs!

Lo único que no me encanta es el tiempo y la cantidad de lluvia que hemos tenido últimamente. No me gusta quedarme mucho en casa ni tomar el bus para ir alrededor, ¡si puedo, prefiero caminar!

Hecho un poco de menos estar en la naturaleza y explorar. Sin coche ni bicicleta estoy un poco “atrapado” en la zona de Son Caliu – Palmanova – Magaluf. ¡Espero encontrar pronto una bicicleta para poder salir e ir alrededor!

Hasta pronto,

15 de nov. 2018

LEVAN - Novembre

First month is over, October, full of sun and feelings of everything new. With sun I mean lots of light, mid-day light that intense that its beans make you think you are blinding...when there is no more room for colors, just Mediterranean white, silhouettes of palms and olives. And the smell, of course - seaside ; crowdie weekends full of tourist – last waves of the season.

Now I’m introduced in all parts of the project, all these supportive people, helping me through first times of language barriers, introducing systems, communication and helping me to do my passion:  design!

                                           El Toro beach-taken before we participated in beachcleaning event.

                                                                      My roommates walking on the beach

                                                  Kindergarten’s garden – process of painting old tires in white

                                                             Early morning fog to the road of Calvià


2 de nov. 2018

ANNA - Octubre

Hello everyone,

First month of Mallorca life behind! Towards the end of October the beach life has changed into a raincoat and wet shoes but the experience keeps growing. I started my volunteering time with several projects including Finca Galatzo, Perrera municipal and Escoleta Santa Ponsa. So far my projects have offered me everything what I wanted from my experience: animals, archaeological sites, historical buildings and a possibility to observe a behaviour of previously unknown group of tiny people. And because one can always do a bit more, in November we start with one more project when our “Snack & Languages” sessions start with CUC. Our team accompanied with some crispy crunchy chocolate cookies are waiting for YOU. Welcome!

Besides the beginning of our projects, the first weeks have included a lot of learning, joy, observing, misunderstandings (“Why no one told me that money is not plata in Spain?!”), redoing stuff, happiness, redoing the same stuff again, succeeding, frustration, paperwork, long walks along the beach and two seasons of Stranger Things from Netflix. In a nutshell I guess one can move to another country, learn a new language, meet new people (whose names are doomed to be vanished from your head as soon as you need them), fit so many experiences in a month and still manage to live the same everyday life with a shopping list to a supermarket in one hand and a smart phone with a Facebook app open in another.

Here’s my first month in pictures!

Finca Galatzó! A stunning place with lot to see. I had the chance to go around the area with an excellent guide. Finca and its surroundings caught my eye and catched my heart since the day 1.

My very first day in la perrera. We picked up a tiny dog who had been caught while wondering in an area of a local finca. Poor doggie had been out for a while and his fur was a one big wig full of fleas, poop and branches. Look at him with his new haircut!


Towards the end of October I was surprised by my EVS-fellows who organized me a surprise birthday party. A rolling stone gathers no moss!

-Anna, the girl who pays with silver and travels by a horse carriage only.